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Utter Bull Crap

March 7, 2009

wowscrnshot_030709_033447Now I know this is supposed to be an elemental shaman blog, where we discuss stratagies and tactics to optomize that ranged dps, but I have to rant about my poor Adiana who was screwed out of loot that should have been hers. (Please excuse if it sounds like whining, but im pissed)

So I join this pug Naxx 25 as the MT hoping to get nothing more than badges and maybe 1 loot. Alot of my gear is already 25 man content and I have very few upgrades available to me. So this run is going fairly smooth for a pug; we downed spider with no difficulties and the same went with plague.

A few hours in, we begin Military quarter and the same is felt: still going smoothly. Resuvious is a one shot like the rest. But now we come to Gothik and are having trouble. The encounter keeps bugging out where someone on the other side of the gate will agro the other side and mobs would just be running everywhere. The same thing happens with the next two attempts.

So we bring in another tank, which happens to be in the same guild as the raid leader and master looter (coincidence) to help keep mobs from moving so much. Its another warrior, but when I inspect his gear, its horrible; blues and greens with a few scattered purps. This is not the gear to be doing Naxx 25. But to be sure before i say anything, I armory him. This fool had 22k hp unbuffed, 520 def, no parry talents from arms tree, but my favorite thing about his spec was the fact that he had bloodcraze, a talent that heals you for 6% of ur health AFTER BEING CRIT. Now anyone that knows anything about tanking or the game of WOW in general, first rule of a raid: tank be def capped and therefor UNCRITABLE. I bring this up with the raid and  the raid leader said hell be fine, hes not really tanking anything. “So hes just taking up a possible dps spot?”

Now despite his overall bad, he is able to hold agro on the non elites so I can pick up the real priorities (I still say we didnt need another tank, but whatever). We finally down Gothik and receive epics. THANK GOD!!! On to 4 horseman where something I could use might actually drop, Broken Promise. After some trash and more multi-pulls we get to that big ol’ room with horsies.

So we decide to stick 4 healers in the back, Im MTing thane and the bear OT is on Baron, and this, for lack of many better words, pathetic warrior is told to sit aside and help if needed. Basically, sit around with your thumb up your poopchute and let us do the work. After two attempts, the four go down (not together, sigh achievement) and we open the chest.

OMG ITS BROKEN PROMISE!!! THIS RUN MIGHT NOT BE A WASTE OF TIME ANYWAY!!!! I roll a 31 and sigh a little inside, but hey Im the only true warrior tank, I should get this for being here the entire time and putting up with repair bills and bad moves by the rest in this raid?? NOPE.

The other warrior rolls higher than me. I try to explain the whole he shouldnt even be here, hes only here to soak up epics I dont need, just give me the one thing I can use. No, they stick to that classic guildy getting loot over you motto: he rolled higher.

This is why no one wants to do pugs anymore, loot rules were set and not adhered to, they were giving away epics same people on same boss, and then they save the best stuff for their own. The whole reason for a pug is to try to go somwhere becasue your not able to go at the same time as your guild.

If you are ever the leader of a pug anything, please do three things:

  • Establish loot rules
  • Adhere to loot rules

Thank you for listening to my rant and once again I am sorry if it sounds a little whiny. Just pissed me off and this helped let off steam. Afterall, he cant tank by hiding behind his shiny sword.

I will be getting back to more important matters soon enough involving blue space goat ladies and lightning. Till then, just be careful in pugs.

Lightnignrod, Master of Mechanisms