What’s a Lightningrod?

Well, a real lightningrod is device used to redirect lightning to the ground. The Lightningrod in question is an elemental shaman and my new main in the World of Warcraft. Yes I play wow and have become more involved in it each day. I am member of the guild <Bucklers of Swash> on Mugthol (PS we are currently recruiting so feel free to drop me a line) and one of the top dps in guild. I started this blog because of some “inspiration” from samueltempus who writes Slice and Dice, which is a rogue blog for those who couldnt figure that out from the title.

Like him, I also have a rogue named sam, although mine is more of an honorary name to my favorite videogame series of all time: Splinter Cell. My human rogue is named Samfisher, and some of my friends still cant believe I got that name. He was my original character, my baby. I watched him blossom forth from the stealthy stab-stab lifestyle into the stealthy STUN SMACK WHACK SCLICE THWACK death dealer he is now (although he’s still 70). But, like samueltempus, I too have a fancy for alts.

Round the time I hit 60 on sam, I decided to try another. Perhaps a hunter; THEY GET PETS. And so was born Teddyrosvelt, the Night Elf hunter, named for, in my personal opinion, the best hunter in the world; with his trusty companion, Fairbanks. Once he hit 40, moved back to sam and went on to 70. Once that was achieved, I decided to seek a new challenge. A DRUID.

And so sprang forth the dainty tree-hugger Treehippy. This was my main throughout BC content. Treehippy was resto from 52-70 and healed everything from BRD to Black Temple (quite the span of instances).  But this wasnt enought, NO, not 3 chars, I need more. Lets try a warrior.

Ahhhh warrior, so simple but so deadly.Even better is the fact that I made her a night elf chick, so you have this little chick beatin on you with a sword or axe, whatever I won last. Adiana is my prot warrior of epicness ( just got tank legs off hero Maly and are super stoked) and has been my, lets say anchor, because i always seem to come back to her. I love tanking. It makes you seem powerful, almost god-like, to have so many things wackin you and all u do is laugh and do a little jig (every now and again i throw in a block).

But where is the shocker. Where is the character whose blog this is for. Well, Lightingrod is actually my latest and youngest character, but i believe her to be the most fun. I never had a caster dps as you just saw from my chronocling (yes i know i cant spell… back off) of wow-ness. I also never heard anyhting super spectacular about elemental shamans in BC, which I don’t get because I LOVE IT!!! Lightning flying from my fingrtips in balls and chains, and then FIRE, ohhhhhhh the fire. Put a little dot on them(flame shock) and BOOM!!! They erupt into huge numbers that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So there you go, my wow career in a nutshell:

  • Samfisher, Human Rogue, 70
  • Teddyrosvelt, Night Elf Hunter, 70
  • Treehippy, Night Elf Druid, 72
  • Adiana, Night Elf Warrior, 80
  • Lightningrod, Draeni Shaman, 80

Lightningrod, Master of Mechanisms



  1. My first toon was a hunter, I still love my Humar the Pride Lord. Sadly he languishes in his early 70s. I had to take my pally to 80 first, everyone wants a tank right? Sadly a bit misguided in that thought, but as with all things in wow, its still great fun!

  2. Malista,
    First, gratz on being the first comment, I really appreciate it. Second, its funny you mention that because originally I had gotten in an argue with my GM trying to figure out who to level first. I said I was willing to lvl my tank first and asking which would be best for the guild. He kept insisting I choose, so i went with a dps class had just gotten into playing.

    Lightningrod, Master of Mechanisms

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