3.1 Out and new Posts shall follow

April 14, 2009

Yes so I know I havnt done much since my last post, but with the release 3.1, new posts will be done: PVP, rotations, perhaps even leveling with new trees. Real life throws lots of stuff at you and sometimes you have to put things on hold. Bear with me and expect more posts in the future.

Lightningrod, Master of Mechanisms



  1. Please tell me how to level Mental!! I got through outlands fine hurling lightning bolts. set hoof in The Borean Tundra and hit a serious wall. respeced enhancment so i wouldn’t hurt my wife and small children. And hit 70 rather easily with windfury and storm strike. But i want to be an elemental shaman i really do.

  2. Since this is the best place I can find for it, got a question for ya: How do you feel about Shamans wearing cloth, more especially while leveling? I’m leveling an Ele shaman, and I wear a lot of cloth. I have twinked myself out (yay mains!) enough that I can just about 4-shot everything my level, so I don’t get hit much and this hasn’t bugged me, but I’m wondering if it’s a taboo I don’t know about to be wearing mostly cloth, some leather, and maybe one or two bits of mail if I can find it.

  3. hola tienes informacion veridica para liverar el iphone con la banda en 3.13

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