How to Spec Elemental

March 7, 2009

Now alot has changed since BC for the elemental shaman. The raiding spec in that time was 41/0/20, and there were even some that went 40/0/21 trading totem of wrath or natures swiftness, which in my humble opinion is BLASPHEMY!! But becasue Blizzard has reworked how crit and hit work in addition to spell power, it is no longer favorable to go into the resto tree at all.

Elemental Tree

Tier 1:

Put 5 points into both Convection and Concussion. Convection reduces the mana cost of your best damagaing abilities by 5% and Concussion ups the damage of those abilities by 5%. Both are instant winners when it comes to raiding.


Put 3 points into Call of Flame. This talent helps up the damage of our newest move and my personal friend, Lava Burst. We no longer only hurl balls of shocktastic goodness, we now have a hug damaging move. Also kinda looks like a Pyroblast, but our is guaranteed to crit. SCREW YOU MAGES!! (unless your arcane and give me Focus Magic)

Tier 3:

Elemental Focuse is a must to be a proper elemental shaman. This talent gives you the ablity to enter a clearcasting state which will reduce your next  to damage or healing spells after landing a spell crit, be it heal or damage. This a great ability already, but it gets even better later in the tree. You also want to get Elemental Fury which ups our crit damage bonus by 100% for any move we cast.

Tier 4:

This tier was hard for me to choose originally, neither of the two talents seemed very beneficial in a raidning environment. But after some time spent in Naxx and time actually reading the tool tip to fully understand it, I went with Eye of the Storm. This talent used to give a 70% chance to resist the pushback effect from damage while casting. Now, it reduces the pushback effect from damage while casting. This is a big helper now that most raid encounter do have some sort of raid damage, like Thaddius or Kel’ Thuzad.

Tier 5:

Every talent in this tier is important: Elemental Reach, Call of Thuder, and Unrelenting Storm. Elemental reach will raise the distance of your Lightningbolt, Chain Lightning, and Lava Burst by 6 yards. Very effective and useful for raiding in case you pull and wind shock decides to be crappy once again. Even funnier is it also increase the radius of Thunderstorm by 20% or 2 yards. Even easier to kill the horde. Call of Thunder is your next choice and it better be in there. This talent will up your Lightningbolt and Chain Lightning crit chance by 5% with1 FRIGGIN TALENT POINT!!! Used to be 5 now its 1, ohhh happpyyyy dayy!! Final move is Unrelenting Storm. Now most mana problems have been solved in WOTLK with the addition of mana regen for raid by alot of damage classes, but it never hurts to add more regen, after all more mana is more lightning.

Tier 6:

Only two moves in this tier, but both essential: Elemental Precision and Lightning Mastery. First, Precision raises your chance to hit with fire, frost and nature spells (what a coincidence, thats all I use) by 3%. But thats not all, also reducing the threat caused by fire, frost, and nature by 30%. How could this not be in anyones PVE build. The other talent, Lightning Mastery, reduces the casting time for Lightningbolt, Chain Lightning, and Lava burst; these are essential to up the dps to pretty numbers we all love to see.

Tier 7:

Elemental Mastery and Storm, Earth and Fire, they just sound like moves you would want. AND THEY ARE!! Elemental Mastery has been reworked from Guaranteeing a crit for your next move to upping your crit chance by 20% and reducing mana cost by 20% for 30 seconds. Big upgrade in my book. Storm, Earth and Fire does three different things: lowers cooldown on chain lightning so that it can be more useful in a rotation, increases the range of Earth and Wind Shcok by 5 yards making ti easier to interupt casting, and increases the dot tick of Flame Shock by 60%, and since Flame Shock should never leave your target, this is pure win.

Tier 8:

Here is another one of the new talents put out by Blizzard, Elemental Oath. This move used to just give everyone a 5% spell crit bonus for 15 sec whenever you landed a crit. But now it even adds a little something perosnal for you: “In addition, while Clearcasting from Elemental Focus is active, you deal 10% more damage.” OMG *feint*. QUICKY, QUICKLY, UP YOUR CRIT, IT UPS DAMAGE BY MORE AND REDUCES MANA COSTS UP YOUR CRIT UP YOUR CRIT. (Thats what went through my mind when this first was announced) But then there is also an oldy, good ol’ Lightning Overload. You’ll never get old. 20% chance to throw an additional lightning bold or chain lightning for no extra mana, cast time, or threat. Oh it deals half damage? Who cares, free damage for nothing. <( ‘_'<) (>’_’)> Kirby approves.

Tier 9: (boy this is long, hang in there almost done)

Totem of Wrath (obvious choice) and Lava Flows. Quickly, Totem of Wrath increases spell power of anyone in range by 280 at max lvl and increases enemies chance to be crit by 3% for all damage, melee and spell. Lava Flows is another new one that is great for our new baby, Lava Burst. This talent raises the range of Flame Shock by 15 yards, to a grand total of 35 yd, far enoguh so you shouldnt have to move to reapply it, YOU GO BLIZZARD. But thats not all. Also increase the crit damage bonus of Lava Burst by 24%. Little random number for my taste, but you know what, YOU GO AGAIN BLIZZARD.

Tier 10:

Shamanism. New Talent. Uber win. Get it get it get it. “Your Lightning Bolt spell gains an additional 10% and your Lava Burst gains an additional 20% of your bonus damaging effects.” GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!!!

Tier 11:

Ahhh the bane of irritating tanks, Thunderstorm. PVP wise, awseome. PVE wise, still good, if only it could be spammed like an aoe. But what it will do is hit everything in a 10 yd radius for about half a lightningbolt and knock them back 20 yds. Quit whining tanks and build threat more better.

Finally, we move onto the next tree, Enhancement. (/cringe)

Tier 1:

Ancestral Knowledge is the only logical choice here since its the only talent that would truly benefit you; it raises your intellect by 10%. Useful.

Tier 2:

Once again, only one thing is useful, but oooohhhhh how useful: Thundering Strikes (sounds like its in he wrong tree). Thanks to the new crit change where all crit affects all crit, what used to be melee crit only is now yours. WOOHOO 5% more crit.

Tier 3:

Two things here, Elemental weapons and Shamanistic Focus. Elemental weapons increases the damage of your weapon enhancements (oh now I get it) to do more damage. But it also raises the spell power given by your enhancement, Flame Tongue, by 30%. And the last talent is pretty nice for us since we now have to add a shock into our rotation, like mana wasnt scarce enough (tehe). Shamanisitc Focus lowers the mana costs of your shock spells by 45%. The cool thing is this also stacks with our clearcasting over in the elemental tree, thus lowering your mana costs of shocks to a number I can even fathom.

Well there you have it, Elemental Shamana build broken down and explained. I hope you enjoyed reading it and can now go rest your eyes. Till next time…

Lightningrod, Master of Mechanisms



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  6. A few issues with your choices… It’s not worth putting 5 talent points in concussion unless you have fresh 80 gear which gives you low crit and no mp5. You will not have any mana issues while raiding as an elemental shaman… use thunderstorm whenever you need to move during an encounter (all the better if its on some adds) and keep water shield up.

    Also bear in mind that chain lightening spam is unnecessary on single targets and should only be used to tighten up your rotation so that LavaB spends as little time off CD as possible. (i.e if LavaB will be off CD in 1 second… then you should cast Chain Lightening, if LavaB is off CD in 1.8 seconds then you would choose Lightening Bolt -assuming flameshock is up of course!-).

    I say this as getting this wrong and spamming CL every time its off CD is the only real way you could go OOM, even then, once you reach a certain level of gear it just cant happen in a 25 man situation… and is hard to pull off in a 10man situation.

    Spend some talent points in Elemental warding instead, a dead shaman does no DPS, plus if you need less healing over a fight it means more mana for healing others.

    You have failed to mention the thunderstorm glyph which is a must have for PvE (and obviously awful for PvP), it increases mana gained from thunderstorm while removing the knockback effect.

    If you are using thunderstorm in a PvE situation without the glyph… Then you are making things more difficult for everyone. For solo’ing its nice to have the knockback, but even if you only do (5 man) heroics you must have the glyph if you want to be competitive in damage.

  7. Given Longleaf’s suggestion, I wonder if it’s worth 2 points in Imp Fire Nova Totem, I’m Enh spec, and spamming these is loads of fun, not sure that ele guys are going to have use for a diff fire totem?

  8. For those of you who don’t know, Lightning is a member of my guild, so I’ve got some good firsthand (and secondhand) info on him.

    I don’t know a ton about Ele Shaman spec, but I do know that he pulled 5K+ DPS on a boss in some heroic in our guild the other day. I wasn’t there, but I can vouch that he consistently pulls 3-4K on a normal basis.

    As for this “If you are using thunderstorm in a PvE situation without the glyph… Then you are making things more difficult for everyone.” Seriuosly. I say this to him all the time. Uber Annoying.

    – Sam

  9. @ Longleaf
    I appreciate ur opposing view to some of choices so I can expand on my decisions.

    First, extra mana regen is never bad, especially fights such as Patchwerk.

    Second, if you want to help out the healers by taking less damage, then do it in the raid, not ur spec. 6% damage reduction isnt enough reason to use 3 points when u have the ability to heal yourself. You need to remember that elemental shamans are some of the best off healers because we can up our +healing by changing the flametounge weapon to earthliving weapon. It also helps to avoid any damage when able to(void zones, positioning in the raid)

    Lastly, for my views on Thunderstorm, read my latest post.
    Thanks for your input.

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