Elemental Shaman: the underrated

March 6, 2009

Back when I was lvling, it was very hard for me to get into any groups as an elemental shaman. I was also advised to lvl enhance becasue its easier, but im not afraid of a challenge, plus i really wanted to do elemental. When I played my druid, Treehippy, all I ever saw and heard about were resto and enhance shamans. This is what peaked my curiosity into the elemental tree. Plus, FOR GOD SAKES I SHOOT LIGHTNING, FRIGGIN LIGHTNING!!!!!!!

The only hard thing I can say about lvling elemental was the lack of mana, and I mean EXTREME lack of mana. I would have to drink every two pulls like a mage, but unlike a mage I can’t conjure my own water. I was waiting for water shield, ohhh how I wanted water shield. I figured once I got that, my mana problems would be over. But no, apparently it doesn’t come until 64!!!! What kind of bull crap is that. And now you new shamans get it at, what, 20. UTTER SHENANIGANS!! But I digress.

Even though I did have mana problems up until 64, elemental was a great spec to lvl with. And now it’s like a joke.

Now that my beloved Lightningrod is 80, she is quite geared and capable of pulling off some impressive numbers. But more importantly, elemental shamans are becoming more popular due to the buffs they can bring the raid.

  • Talent #1: Elemental Oath

This is the SH!T. Whenever you crit, be it a heal or damage spell, everyone in the RAID gets plus 5% to spell crit for 15 sec. Now this includes you naturally, so you increase your crit chance…. to increase your crit chance. Pretty much once thats up, it will be up for the remainder of the fight. If you can’t get anothe crit in 15 sec casting spells no longer than 2 sec, you either need hit or are facing the wrong way.

And yes I know that boomkins have an aura that can do this and overides our buff. Oh well. They dont have an increased damage by 20% for your next 2 attacks after you crit. Muahahahaha. They also dont have talent number 2.

  • Talent #2: Totem of Wrath

Yes this has been out for a while, but its had some retooling to it. Now it did lose the hit bonus :(, but it did gain some benefits. Now it ups spell power instead of damage, so drink up and be merry all you healers out there. It also doesn’t give you crit directly, now it ups enemies within 40 yd to be crit by 3%. And due to WOTLK removal of spell and melee distinction, it now works for melee as well.

  • Talent #3: Thunderstorm

For which this blog is named for. I personally love thunderstorm. Tanks however dont like me for it. Dont know why. I play a tank and I dont care about that knockback, it can save lives. But Ill talk about that in more detail later. Basicall its like hitting every mob in range with a mini lightning bolt, and yes, it can crit. Try not to smile when you see round 30 5k crits on your screen. But maybe PVE isnt your thing. Take that move to EOTS or lumber mill of AB. I promise all the other horde will hate you and you will probably get some LOLs from your team mates as 3 horde fly away off the flag into oblivion. Bye Bye silly DK, Warrior, Rogue, other Shaman (tehe), …..

All these moves could be yours with the elemental shaman, a being of proud majestic qualities. Always remeber to respect the lightning and keep my motto in mind if your still on the fence: Captain Planet – Heart = Shaman.

Lightningrod, Master of Mechanisms



  1. I had been lamenting recently at the lack of elemental shaman blogs out there! Thanks WoW Insider to leading me here, I will read with interest.

  2. Yeah i’m enjoying my elementalist ATM. Thunderstorm is fun!

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